Here is the final result. After applying Humbrol#125 satin grey enamel ,I then sprayed a  coat of  Floquil  High Gloss Clear Enamel. I let this dry for two days. I then applied a wash of MIG productions Dark Wash,when dried, I then sprayed a light coat of Floquil high gloss. I then applied a MIG productions Brown Wash. For the chipping effect I used Testors Model Master Enamel RLM 23 and Humbrol #125 Grey mixed with white. I used a size 20/0  Princeton Art & Brush Co. Round Brush. I then sprayed a light coat of Floquil Flat Finish Enamel. The streaking effect I used AK Interactive Winter Streaking Grime and the dark and brown washes from Mig.  I used MIG Pigments Gun Metal (P231),Primed Red (P413), Old Aluminum (P046),Panzer Faded  Grey (P035) (and Track Brown (P414). I applied Hudson and Allen Red Earth  mixed with water for  that dried mud effect. For highlights I drybrushed silver and  white enamel. After all is said and done.  I can say I am very pleased with the effect. The markings are for  StuG. Abt. 191, Eastern Front 1942.