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Finally “cracked open this little nut”. There was a challenge along each step. I will not go into detail,but in my opinion,this kit is totally overrated. Don’t get me wrong it is a beauty,but things just don’t go together as planned. Oh well. Dig these pics.Great detail in the werfers,they were a pain,those fine lines and igniters are the bomb.      

In these pics. I layed down the base colors,for the frame,idler wheels,drive wheels,engine and drive train etc. I painted the track and the wheels separate.

I hopscotched in between steps to work on sub assemblies.I was not happy with the “pancake tread sections for the front wheels. So I called up my old friends from R&J Enterprises in Western Washington,and I am going to use their front resin wheels. As for the track and front drive sprocket,I had  a Friul  set laying around and will use them instead. Just keeping  you guys up to date.

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