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Here are several photos of my Dragon PAK 40/4 auf  RSO painted with Model Master Enamels,  MIG Pigments,Washes and 502 Abteilung Modeling Oil Colors. Unit Unknown

Well my friends this project is finally done. It took me a while because we are in the process of leaving Las Vegas,Nevada. And most of my time has been spent on packing for our move this October 6th, for Wichita Kansas.  These pics. are not up to my standards,so when we get a better digital camera,I will update the pictures.Basically the only items that I used that were not in the kit are the Bronco tracks from my SWS Panzerwerfer kit. The cartridge net was constructed from mosquito netting. The side screens  was from an Eduard photo etched set,as was the instrument panel and rear view mirror. I used Model Master enamels,MIG washes and pigments. Overall  I am pretty satisfied with the results. I hope you enjoy the pics. and remember I will update  them for a crisper clearer shot. Thankyou my friends,enjoy.

Victor Michael Feodorov    

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