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Tamiya’s 1/35th Sd.Kfz.184 Schwerer Jagdpanzer “Elefant”


 This is a Tamiya “re release” of an earlier kit. This kit has fine surface detail, and new individual/partial track sections. I was not so thrilled with the tracks, so I bought a track set by Hobby Boss. I also bought an 88 barrel, as well as MG34 tips, both by Arber. The kit has three nicely detailed crewmen, which I will use in another kit. The sections fit really easy. PE would have made it truly awesome.

 I went the “modulation” route, using AK interactive German Dunkelgelb Modulation Set.

 I used MIG red brown and Olivgrun opt. 2A for the patch camo. I applied Testors Model Master Acrylic Gloss Clear Coat.

Let dry for two days and then applied a wash of AK Summer Kursk Earth, MIG Brown Wash, and for the tracks I sprayed them with Vallejo Black Grey and applied MIG Ammo Streaking Rust Effects. I will do some more pin washes, where needed, plus adding a light rust wash.

Elefant Pic 5

Elefant Pic 7

Elefant Pic 8

Elefant Pic 9

Dragons Panther Ausf A Late (6168)

Painted and Weathered for Adding to a Diorama

I wasn’t so pleased with the paint job and found out that one assembly wasn’t right and I went ahead and replaced the barrel cleaning tool that went with the kit. So I replaced it with the Aber R23 Cleaning Rod & Spare Aerial Cannister.

After that final check, I went ahead with the camo painting process. I Primarily used Vallejo Paints for the primer,basecoat and camo. Sprayed Glosscoat Clear Acrylic afterwards and let dry 24 hours.

The next day I then used the MIG Enamel Washes. Let Dry 24 hours and sprayed it with matte acrylic clear coat.

The next day, did some light panel traffic wear with MIG Abeitlung Oils. Did some chipping and dry brushing with Testors Enamel Model Master Paint.
And finally finishing it off  using MIG Pigmets for the final step.





Painting ,Chipping and initial Wash

I will make this short ,I basically used “AK Interactive Heavy Chipping”. It went along with no problems,it was rather a fun process. I then painted the unboard tools with Vallejo German Grey. I then did a was with “MIG” ,brown wash and thinned out a black tube of Abteilung 502 . It really thins out nicely for a wash. I applied some thinned out MIG pigments for various areas. The onboard shovels,hatches,barrel cleaners,were painted off the vehicle.
Tonight I am going to work with the “indy” tracks.










The Finished Project

Well It is finally done, I have to say it was a paint at times but I am very proud of the results. I dedicate this to my wife “Andrea”. I want to thank MIG Productions for their amazing products all down the line. As well as Vallejo Air Acrylics and Model Master and Fluoquil Enamels.














Painting and Weathering

I was finally given the opportunity to finish this project.  In short the kit was a “real” joy to build. I had no problems whatsoever. I used the Modulation Process. I primed it first with Floquil Lacquer Primer  White. Checked for imperfections,and if needed be  correct them.Then I sprayed a mixture of  Testors  Model Master Enamel Black/Brown for the shadows. I let dry for about two days. I sprayed the red primer,Model Master Enamel (ROT) RLM 23. I then started the process each time lighten it with white. 

When I was satisfied at that point I sprayed  Testors Clear Gloss Lacquer,to seal it for the wash.  I then let sit for about another 48 hours and applied the pinwash.  The next day I sprayed a coat of  Flat Clear Lacquer. Set for two days and did the details,tracks, and used MIG 502 Abteilung Snow White and Primer Red Mixture for the worn out and faded areas.  I drybrushed the raised details. Did some light chipping with Floquil Enamel Grey. I first did the tracks with grey enamel, did a dark brown wash, and then a rust wash. Used MIG pigments for the tracks with  dust and dirt pigments.  

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