Dragons Panther Ausf A Late (6168)
Paint/Wash/Track Fitting

Construction completed to the point where the painting was neccesary. I used Vallejo Acrylic Black Primer,Then sprayed the Dark Yellow Primer. I did some modulation painting,then I proceded with the tri-camo usingTestor’s Acrylic Panzer Olivgrun 1943 and Rotbraun RAL 8012, and Vallejo Gloss Satin for the wash which consisted of MIG Productions Dark Enamel Wash,Brown Enamel Wash,and Enamel Light Rust Wash.

I then fitted the Master Club Modeling Accessories Tracks. So the next steps for me is the painting of the tools,some touch up where needed,some pin washing.

The chipping process would be next followed up by applying the flat clear acyrlic coat to seal it up. I would then fit the tracks,after being primed,painted,applying the wash,and clear coated.



Painted,Washed,Fitting Tracks


Painted,Washed,Fitting Tracks2


Painted,Washed,Fitting Tracks3


Painted,Washed,Fitting Tracks4


Painted,Washed,Fitting Tracks5


Painted,Washed,Fitting Tracks6




Painted,Washed,Fitting Tracks8


Painted,Washed,Fitting Tracks9