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Dragons Panther Ausf A Late (6168)
Paint/Wash/Track Fitting

Construction completed to the point where the painting was neccesary. I used Vallejo Acrylic Black Primer,Then sprayed the Dark Yellow Primer. I did some modulation painting,then I proceded with the tri-camo usingTestor’s Acrylic Panzer Olivgrun 1943 and Rotbraun RAL 8012, and Vallejo Gloss Satin for the wash which consisted of MIG Productions Dark Enamel Wash,Brown Enamel Wash,and Enamel Light Rust Wash.

I then fitted the Master Club Modeling Accessories Tracks. So the next steps for me is the painting of the tools,some touch up where needed,some pin washing.

The chipping process would be next followed up by applying the flat clear acyrlic coat to seal it up. I would then fit the tracks,after being primed,painted,applying the wash,and clear coated.



Painted,Washed,Fitting Tracks


Painted,Washed,Fitting Tracks2


Painted,Washed,Fitting Tracks3


Painted,Washed,Fitting Tracks4


Painted,Washed,Fitting Tracks5


Painted,Washed,Fitting Tracks6




Painted,Washed,Fitting Tracks8


Painted,Washed,Fitting Tracks9

Here is the final result. After applying Humbrol#125 satin grey enamel ,I then sprayed a  coat of  Floquil  High Gloss Clear Enamel. I let this dry for two days. I then applied a wash of MIG productions Dark Wash,when dried, I then sprayed a light coat of Floquil high gloss. I then applied a MIG productions Brown Wash. For the chipping effect I used Testors Model Master Enamel RLM 23 and Humbrol #125 Grey mixed with white. I used a size 20/0  Princeton Art & Brush Co. Round Brush. I then sprayed a light coat of Floquil Flat Finish Enamel. The streaking effect I used AK Interactive Winter Streaking Grime and the dark and brown washes from Mig.  I used MIG Pigments Gun Metal (P231),Primed Red (P413), Old Aluminum (P046),Panzer Faded  Grey (P035) (and Track Brown (P414). I applied Hudson and Allen Red Earth  mixed with water for  that dried mud effect. For highlights I drybrushed silver and  white enamel. After all is said and done.  I can say I am very pleased with the effect. The markings are for  StuG. Abt. 191, Eastern Front 1942.

In this sequence I applied the wash using MIG Productions Dark Wash, MIG Productions Brown Wash,and MIG Productions Standard Rust Effects. I used a variety of brush sizes,and just let it flow naturally.These Products from MIG are very user friendly,with totally awesome effects. No more Winsor and Newton Oils for me. And with the Fluoquil Railroad High Gloss Enamel Clear made it a snap. Thanks MIG. You Can also add your own spill pattern,with a mix of these washes and a little dab of tissue or a dry brush makes it very manageable.

In this photo set it shows the finished application of Testors Model Master Enamels by brush,and the application of the kit’s decals. Obviously I chose the markings of one of  the support tanks   of  s.Pz.Abt. 502  Tiger Battalion near Leningrad in 1943.  After a day or two, I applied a coat of Testors Model Master  High Gloss Clear Enamel and  let dry for two full days.  After two days I was able to handle it without causing any print marks.  There is when I applied Flouquil   Flat Black Enamel to the tires. I thinned it  out enough to apply the paint with O size brush and  let the capillary  action do the work. By doing this method it leaves the running wheels and small upper support wheels nice and clean. I Then applied MIG Productions Dark Wash to the track and some parts of the rubber. This took me about three applications for what I was looking for. Today I  applied a light wash of  MIG Productions Brown Wash on the bottom hull and underneath  as well. Still wet, I sprinkled some #4 from the Rustall  Set, It gives a natural earth and rock look. 

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