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Hobby Boss 1/35 VK1602 Leopard

Wash and Chipping

After the modulation process, I went and assembled the wheel and tracks. I sprayed the tracks with Testors Model Master Fieldgrau (RAL 6006) Did a wash with Mig Dark Wash (P220),then a wash with MIG Brown Wash (P221). I then lightly drybrushed with Testors Model Master Steel Enamel (1780). I did this after installing the links and doing a dry fit with the wheels. I rarely do this, I usally install it all at once,then start on the painting process. I did not really care for installing the painted tracks over the painted lower hull and wheel assembly,it was a real pain, I’m going back to the old install all and paint method. After finally finishing that ,I sprayed theTestors Glosscote Lacquer over the whole kit. When dried I did a wash using the MIG Brown,Dark Wash, and MIG Standard Rust (P411) and MIG Oil and Stain (P410) Wash. After allowing drying time I sprayed the Glosscote,let dry and proceded with the chipping. I used the Model Master Fieldgrau. I found out that when I apply a gloss clearcoat and the start the chipping , it works so much easier. The painting goes so smooth on a gloss surface,and if I am not happy with a certain area,I just use a brush thinned with Mineral Spirits. I let dry overnight and today I just finished spraying Testors Lacquer Dullcote.










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Hobby Boss 1/35 VK1602 Leopard

Color Modulation

Here I started painting the Leopard. I used as a primer, Vallejo Black Primer. These can be seen in the previous series of photos.

Next I applied Testors Model Master Enamel RLM 23 Red Paint for the inside of the hull. For the inside of the turret I sprayed Testors Flat White Enamel. My next step was painting the hull ,wheels and turret with Vallejo Model Air Acrylic Dunkelgelb RAL 7028.
After that I started the modulation process. What I did was use the same Dunkelegelb mixed with a little Tamiya Flat White Acrylic Paint to hit some of the areas to be highlighted. I then finished off with adding some more white,adding even more highlight.

I believe I achieved what I was shooting for,a modulation paint job for the Dunkelgelb, that I can say I am pleased with.













Black Primered




















Hobby Boss 1/35 VK1602 Leopard

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