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The Weathering Process

After the painting of the turret, I then proceeded with the painting of the mounted tools,cables,spare track,etc. I Then applied a light coat of enamel clear over the entire model. Letting dry for two days, I then applied the decals. They were for Pz.Abt.508, Italy 1944. I then followed with the wash of MIG Brown Wash and MIG Dark Wash. I redid the tracks with the dark wash mixed with MIG Pigment Track Brown. I also redid the wheel assembly with dark followed with a brown wash. The hull and turret were done with the same combo of dark and brown MIG washes. On the steel tools cables I mixed some MIG Pigment Gun Metal with the dark wash for that steel effect. For the chipping I used a combo of Testor’s Model Master Enamel ROT RLM 23 Red and Humbrol Satin Grey Enamel 125. I then sprayed the complete model with a Flouquil Flat Enamel Clear,and let dry for two days. Once dried I drybrushed the tools and cables with silver as well with some of the edges of the hull and turret. I then drybrushed the the edges of the turret,hull and wheel assembly with Model Master Enamel Panzer Dunkelgelb one time around, and then lightened it up with some white. For the tracks,lower hull,and wheels I applied it with Hudson and Allen Earth. The barrel and exhaust areas were touched with black pigments,and the wood block was done with MIG Pigment Primed Red.


Now with the “tri-color”  laid down,and the turret completely assembled,I am getting ready for the paint process. The colors I used were that of Humbrol Enamels. They were #94 matt for the Dunkelgelb Basecoat. #21 Gloss Black for the post shading effect. #120 matt for the Olivgrün. And #160 matt for the  Schokoladenbraun. These colors are lighter,but with the wash and pigments, it should be ok.


Finally after locating the correct “Cavalier Zimmerit Sheets”. (CAV 131). Mounted the upper hull,and finished adding the detailed tools.  I am going to shoot a mixture of  Humbrol Brown and Black Enamel for the “Post Shading”. 


My patience is wearing thin with these suppliers. One is Depothobbies.com,in which I get no response whatsoever, I had been waiting since the week of Christmas. I then did some research and decided to go with Cavalier Model Productions,and they were just as BAD. Now I am going to try Roll Models Inc. I have my fingers crossed. I HAVE TO USE THE CAVALIER SHEETS,BECAUSE I HAVE THE SURFACE PREPPED.

Still the Cavalier Zimmerit Sheets has not arrived yet, so I am doing as much as I can. Here I added the on deck tools,and the Dragon photo-etched tool holders. I also installed the two large tow cables,using the braided steel wire that was provided. I decided to have the two engine fans exposed,with the two covers raised. Tommorrow if the sheets don’t show, I will weather the gun assembly and mount it in the turret.

After being satisfied with the fit of the tracks, I then proceeded with the painting process. I used Model Master Schwarzgrau ’39-’43 Enamel as the base coat.I then applied a light enamel clear gloss coat, I let this dry for two days. As this was drying I painted the interior of the lower hull with RLModel Master ROT M 23 ,and afterwards a light coat of enamel white. I then weathered the area behind the wheel assemby with Mig Brown Wash,and afterwards with Hudson and Allen Red Earth, and then with a light dusting of AIM Products Medium Earth Weathering Pigment.

Now for the weathering of the tracks. I applied a wash of MIG Brown, Let this dry for a day. Then lightly drybrushed them with Testors Silver Enamel. And did a light wash of Vallejo Burnt Siena combined with MIG Pigments Gun Metal.

Here is a progress report on the construction of the interior of the turret, the mounting of the two engine fans and the two photo etched shudders. I was not overly concerned about this, as it was pretty much going to be covered up.I went ahead and put together the front hull plate ball-type mounted MG 34 by Jaguar Resin Parts combined with the kit parts. I plan to have this hatch opened to see the MG detail. The loaders roof hatch will be opened as well.  The wheel assembly was painted with Model Master Enamel Panzer Dunkelgelb ’43 over a primer of Fluoquil Railroad Enamels Tuscan.

The side and front plates were test fitted and I noticed some small problems. When attaching the sides, there are eight location points on the side plates but they would not line up so I had to sand the the front two off, in order to set the plates correctly. After the sides went on, I attempted to test fit the front plate and noticed the front section not aligning up. With a littlle pressure it fit nice and snug. I Then sanded the small details off the side plates such as the side skirt attachment points,so that the Zimmerit sheets will have a nice flat fit. As far as the the track fit I had no major issue,only that for me to fit it nice I left the two idler arms unglued,and in the photo you can see a plastic collar that I found in my stash and glued in on the end of the idler arms. This enabled me to make an adjustment for a nice fit of the tracks.

The projcet begins with the hull as is typical, and the first job I did was to remove the wheel sprockets/torsion bars. These was minimal cleanup for assembly to the hull. I’ve already chose the Tiger I Late Version,so I will  assemble the set of wheels to match it accordingly. The small seam around all the wheels was sanded away with 400 grit sandpaper. After that I installed the wheel assembly. As far as the drive sprockets, and idler wheels they were not glued at this point,because to make sure the track fits great. ( Note: for the two halves of the idler wheel. Use parts G8 and G7 the smaller of the two sets because they are the correct ones to use).

My Next Project, Dragon’s Pz. Kpfw. VI Ausf.E Sd.Kfz 181 Tiger I Late Production, Kit# 6406. The Contents are very impressive. I have my eyes on the Tiger from the 1./s.Pz.Abt.505, Nowe Koszary ’44. That is the famous “Charging Knight” of Tiger Tank Battalion 505. Dragon hits one out of the park on this kit.

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