Final Photos

I will not go into any detail as I have in the past,but rather give a brief summary of the primary mediums that I used. I sprayed a primer /post shading coat of a mixture of Flouquil black and brown enamel. Set aside for two days.

I then sprayed a coat of Humbrol #125 US dark grey enamel.And then for the lower hull and tracks I sprayed Flouquil sienna for the earth base. Set aside for two days then sprayed with an enamel clear coat. After that was dry I applied my decals(Third Group).These markings depict Otto Carius of the
Schwere Panzer-Abteilung 502 (502 heavy tank battalion). This unit fought at the Leningrad front and then in the area of Narva, Estonia (Battle of Narva). 1943.

I then started wth the wash ,with the primary enamel colors of MIG dark wash and brown wash.I did a lot of custom mixing especially with the tracks.

I then applied a light dusting of flat enamel clear from Floquil. Again I let it set for two days. I then started with the MIG Pigments. I used various shades ranging from track brown to gun metal. At this stage there was a lot of experimenting for that right combination.

The chipping was done with Humbrol US dark grey and a mixture of white using a Princeton Round 20/0 brush.

For the hightlights I used Floquil Silver,MIG 502 Abteilung modeling oil color snow white and German Grey Highlight. The earth color was primarily MIG pigment of brown mud.

So this is a brief summay of the basic painting and weathering procedures that I used on this Acacemy Tiger Tank -Early Version Kit No.1386