I always wanted to know how to get that true “Winter Wash” look,or for that matter the chipped paint look. I read an article by a modeler on the Track Link website. It really is quite easy and gives a truly realistic appearance. My procedure reads as follows.The first thing I do is spray the base coat with Testors Model Master enamel,or any brand will do. Let dry overnight.Next day I spray with Tamiya acrylic paint. Let dry for 15 minutes-20. Then take over to the sink and let it get damp with water.While wet,sprinkle “Tide” dry detergent,you can use any other dry detergent,sprinkle it over the damp model. Remember do the turret and hull  separate. You can control the effect,by how much you sprinkle on. Let set for 15-20 seconds,then rinse off. The detergent will not effect the enamel basecoat,only the sprayed acrylic. You can repeat applying the detergent depending on the effect you are looking for. In some cases you can use a soft brush,like a old toothbrush,for the stubborn areas.There you have it my friends,an easy way to get that “Winter Wash”,and or either the paint chipping effect on your armour project.