I built this 15th Panzer Division Opel Blitz/flak38 using an old Italeri Opel Blitz kit purchased in the 80’s along with a current 20mm flak38 gun by Dragon.  The mounting “Shoes” for the gun were fabricated using styrene stock. The canvas covering the scratch built ammo can rack was made from tissue paper treated with a 50/50 mix of white glue and water, shaped, then painted. The camo netting is surgical gauze cut to size, dipped in a white glue water mix, draped, shaped, dried then painted.  The paint is inexpensive acrylics purchased in a major retail outlet’s craft section with all chipping done with a Grumbacher 00 sable brush.  The shiny wear on the running boards achieved with a #2 lead pencil, all other weathering achieved through light washes of very thin black, dry brushing a lighter shade of the dunkelgelb and a fine dusting of my own powdered dirt.