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Fuel Dump

These are several 35th scale figures from Jaguar,that I had made years back. Just recently I put them in a mini diorama,along with odds and ends to add to the theme.  The base is a  display case base,with Woodland Scenics serving as the groundwork for the ground. I then sprayed  a mixture of red,black, and brown. When dried, I applied a wash similar to the spray mixture,let dry overnight. I then sprayed it with Woodland Scenics adhesive, and sprinkled a mixture of Hudson and Allen earth colors,when that dried, I sprayed a coat of more adhesive and then I sprinkled Hudson and Allen foliage. When thoroughly dried I then applied the figures with Super Glue. The accessories are not glued to the diorama. I then weathered the figures  in accordance with the diorama along with giving the ground a wash. When dried,I sprayed a coat of flat enamel at the base and along the feet of the figures.


Jaguar Stalingrad MG Team

This was a mini resin kit by Jaguar depicting a scene in Stalingrad. Nothing really to say about it ,except it was a bit of a challenge to match the loader with the belt to the gunner. Overall I was happy with the results.

Jaguar Battle of the Bulge Diorama

This mini diorama is pretty much self-explanatory.Straight out of the box. It depicts the surrender of a GI to a German Soldier.

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