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Well my friends this project is finally done. It took me a while because we are in the process of leaving Las Vegas,Nevada. And most of my time has been spent on packing for our move this October 6th, for Wichita Kansas.  These pics. are not up to my standards,so when we get a better digital camera,I will update the pictures.Basically the only items that I used that were not in the kit are the Bronco tracks from my SWS Panzerwerfer kit. The cartridge net was constructed from mosquito netting. The side screens  was from an Eduard photo etched set,as was the instrument panel and rear view mirror. I used Model Master enamels,MIG washes and pigments. Overall  I am pretty satisfied with the results. I hope you enjoy the pics. and remember I will update  them for a crisper clearer shot. Thankyou my friends,enjoy.

Victor Michael Feodorov    

In these pics. I finished the construction, and applied the base coat,and then applied the green “swirl” camo. I also did 95 percent of the brush painting.  I am now applying the enamel gloss clear coat. I didn’t paint the dials as of yet,because I believe the white will flow better for the dials after it is shot with clear.  Also I ran out of white. I am trying to get much done,because my wife and myself are moving to Wichita,on October 5th. A lot of packing.

In these pics. I layed down the base colors,for the frame,idler wheels,drive wheels,engine and drive train etc. I painted the track and the wheels separate.

I hopscotched in between steps to work on sub assemblies.I was not happy with the “pancake tread sections for the front wheels. So I called up my old friends from R&J Enterprises in Western Washington,and I am going to use their front resin wheels. As for the track and front drive sprocket,I had  a Friul  set laying around and will use them instead. Just keeping  you guys up to date.

As far as I can see of this kit of what work I have done at this early stage is very impressive. The plastic is of very good quality,the details are so brilliant. The pieces no matter what size fits perfectly. And the instructions are very clear. So far,this kit is outstanding,Bronco is outstanding.

Finally Arrived Today,Yeah!

After the priming process, I  use Model Master enamel paints,as always. Spray it with an  enamel clear gloss coat,let dry overnight,and started the wash process the next day. I took a while on this step,because I was in no particular rush. I Used MIG washes.Finally when this step was done,I   set it  aside to dry overnight.I then  sprayed it with an emanel flat clear,and let that dry overnight. After that, I used MIG pigments,ground up pastel chalks,and Hudson and Allen Dirt. I used Testor Model Master silver and grey enamel for the chipping. The camo scheme I  used,was that of   the Italian front.

Color Scheme

This is the camo color scheme that I am going for. The Italian Front.

Steps 8-15

In these steps the process went relatively well. As mentioned, I replaced the kit’s barrel assembly with the Lion Roar barrel. I then continued with very few snags. What I did see was that the upper hull  side support sections for the skirt assembly were different from that of the instruction sheet,in that the right side front section and the left side rear section were upside down. Also there was a lot of  filling of the factory defects on the underside of the lower hull assembly,especially because I wasn’t going to have the skirts attached. All in all it went pretty easy. The next step is  getting it prepped  and primed.

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