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Here is Trumpeter’s 1/35 German captured KV-I. This was a great kit to work with, just like the “Big Turret”,the parts fitted perfect. Smaller parts have to be handled with care. I was a bit skeptical about the tracks,but they came out great with awesome detail. The turret was prepped with Mr. Surfacer 500,to give it that cast steel effect.Everything is straight out from the box.I used my reliable paint by “Model Masters Enamel”. And then weathered with “Mig” washes and pigments. Also I used “AK Interactive” streaking mediums.

German Captured KV-2

This is Trumpeter’s German Pz.Kpfm KV-II 754(r) Tank. It went together easy and those tracks were a dream. I used Testors Model Master enamels,scratchbuilt the “Jerry Can” rack,because the one out of the box was warped and snapped. Also I wasn’t happy with the barrel,so I used the “Jordio Rubio” rifled barrel. For weathering I used ” MIG” washes and pigments ,as the basis for my weathering. Hope you enjoy.

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