I have to say this was somewhat of a challenge,being the fact it was my first artillery piece. It took me awhile to line up the barrels and “hydraulics”. I chose the beautiful metal barrels,despite lack of rifling.The Instructions are clear with designated options and alternative use of parts (metal/PE versus plastic). There is a separate package of metal barrels, lots of PE. There is a lot of detail on the pieces with multiple parts being “built up” to create small sub-assemblies. I built the gun in the firing position , and left the front shield off to show more of the detail.The paint scheme that I chose was that of  “Unidentified Unit” stationed in around Germany around 1945.I used Model Master enamels black for the base coat of the gun, and red primer for the base. I then shot grey acrylic for the gun,and yellow green acrylic for the guns base. I then rinsed the acrylic off  lightly after applying “Tide”. This was done to simulate chipping and wear,rather than a Winter Wash. I then finished  it off with a light wash and pigments. For being my first 88, I can say I am pleased with the end result.