Zweda’s 1/35 Panther Ausf D

Once again we were delighted with the Russian Zvezda great imaginary and the developed model. It is clearly a new model of the new tools that certainly ranks among the best in terms of quality and accuracy.

The entire kit comes in the standard package of two boxes, external to the illustration and the necessary information about the model and manufacturer and the inner, larger, which are very safe complex Bases in all 698 parts.

The bed of the fuselage was expelled from unanimity work and comes as a separate part. In the box are the nine frames with parts in yellow/tan and one frame with eight parts in clear. All parts are precisely cast with a minimal appearance of the remains of casting (“flash”), no broken parts, ie removing access. connection parts with frames is quite good and promises easy removal of the smallest parts without damage.

Details are made very well, without visible flash on them. Pin Marks are present in small numbers, and will not make trouble during assembly. Instruction guide is printed in b/w , 24 steps on five pages, easy readable.

Construction starts with turret and it will include nine steps to build it. Good thing is that Zvezda models provided interior details for it. “Ring” floor, chairs for crew, inside details for main gun, machine gun, air filters, etc are some of details inside. Commanders and loaders hatch can be built as open or closed. I was not to thrilled with the smoothness of the turret gun mantlet,so to get that rough cast look, I used “Mr. Surfacer 1000,and that worked quite well.

Tracks are made link by link that connects with extra plastic part and can be built as workable. Also there is a few tracks molded as one part (like Italeri makes for their Tiger tanks) and can`t be built as workable. Details on tracks are made very nice, but I had some issues with that connecting part,so I just went to my safe and pulled out a set of Dragon’s Magic Link Tracks,they fitted nicely around the Drive Sprocket. Also the kit had one piece molded plastic skirts for each side, so fortunately I had a set of aftermarket skirts,which fitted nicely.

The kit is great – easy assembly, minimum imperfections, good plastic, great fit, high fun factor, and as far as I could gather, rather accurate for an early D.

It does require attention to avoid swapping parts, and the gap at the glacis plate join requires some elbow grese, but for 1/3 of DML’s kit price, it’s a real steal I can’t actually complain about, can I? Great work, Zvezda!

I used AK interactive Acrylic German War Colors (1937-44),Vallejo Acrylic Black Primer,AK interactive Acrylic Dark Yellow Primer for the base coat.Vallejo Model Air Panzer Colors,Mig Productions 502 abteilung oils for filters and wear,and also their pigments. So I can say that I finished my first Zweda Kit. Not Bad.

Front Shot

Left Front Angle Shot

Left Angle Rear Shot

Right Rear Shot


Rear Two Shot