Trumpeter 1/35th Scale German Sd Kfz8 db10 Gepanzerte 12t
Construction Steps 1-3

The Maybach HL 85 TUKRM engine came together quite nicely although the large radiator is not included.Also the transmission assembly was nicely fitted together.

The Maybach HL 85 TUKRM engine The Maybach HL 85 TUKRM engine

The drive sprocket modification for the correct offset of the drive teeth,was an issue. The rollers on all German half-tracks were offset towards the front (left and right sides) of the flat track pad section of the sprocket to allow the roller to intermesh with the tracks correctly. This is quite easy to fix by just cutting off the locating tabs on the inside of the separate tooth rings (parts B22) and fit with the rollers aligned correctly for the right and left side sprockets.

Front Drive Sprockets Front Drive Sprockets

Assembly of the chassis is straightforward, I had to glue each of the channels and cross members to one side frame first and then add the other frame, this is easier than trying to balance all the parts while fitting the two side frames together. The only thing to watch is that the chassis is perfectly square before the glue dries but due to the size this shouldn’t be a problem.

The Rail Assembly