Painted and Weathered

In these shots  of my finished Panzer IV. It shows the one color scheme of Dark Yellow: October 1942 – Dunkelgelb (RAL 7028) was a dark yellow color originally developed as paint for agricultural vehicles and equipment.  After October of 1942 it became a standard military color. This color continued in use through out the war as a vehicle base coat and disruptive color pattern over olive green and red-brown primers. This was my first attempt at the “color modulation process” I used MIG  washes andpigmemts. The Dunkelgleb was that of  Testor’s Model Master Enamel Paint (#2095). I read the Color Modulation Style by Mike Rinaldi  on the Missing- Lynx Website. It really gave me some helpful tips. Thanks Mike.



Panzer IV70 (A) 13


Panzer IV70 (A) 14








Panzer IV70 (A) 19

Panzer IV70 (A) 22Panzer IV70 (A) 17






Panzer IV70 (A) 18


Panzer IV70 (A) 16