The Weathering Process

After the painting of the turret, I then proceeded with the painting of the mounted tools,cables,spare track,etc. I Then applied a light coat of enamel clear over the entire model. Letting dry for two days, I then applied the decals. They were for Pz.Abt.508, Italy 1944. I then followed with the wash of MIG Brown Wash and MIG Dark Wash. I redid the tracks with the dark wash mixed with MIG Pigment Track Brown. I also redid the wheel assembly with dark followed with a brown wash. The hull and turret were done with the same combo of dark and brown MIG washes. On the steel tools cables I mixed some MIG Pigment Gun Metal with the dark wash for that steel effect. For the chipping I used a combo of Testor’s Model Master Enamel ROT RLM 23 Red and Humbrol Satin Grey Enamel 125. I then sprayed the complete model with a Flouquil Flat Enamel Clear,and let dry for two days. Once dried I drybrushed the tools and cables with silver as well with some of the edges of the hull and turret. I then drybrushed the the edges of the turret,hull and wheel assembly with Model Master Enamel Panzer Dunkelgelb one time around, and then lightened it up with some white. For the tracks,lower hull,and wheels I applied it with Hudson and Allen Earth. The barrel and exhaust areas were touched with black pigments,and the wood block was done with MIG Pigment Primed Red.