SdKfz 253 leichter Gepanzerter Beobachtungskraftwagen was a German light observation vehicle that was used by artillery forward observers to accompany tank and mechanized infantry units. The vehicle belonged to the SdKfz 250 family.The appearance was similar to the SdKfz 250, but the SdKfz 253 variant was fully enclosed. Demag/Wegman manufactured 285 vehicles between 1940-1941.

This particular vehicle was a light armored vehicle designed for artillery observation, and the half-tracked vehicle was to accompany Sturmgeschütz units. A total of 285 of these vehicles were manufactured from 1940-41. It differed from the standard open-topped Sd.Kfz.250 halftrack in that the rear compartment was fully enclosed with a roof, and the armor overall was thicker. A large circular roof hatch lent itself to observation tasks. The Sd.Kfz.253 was operated by a crew of four and it weighed 5.7 tons.

The net weight of the vehicle ready to drive is 11,022 pounds; the combat weight 12,540 pounds. The weight on the front axle is 2,552 pounds; the weight on the tracks 9,988 pounds.Its maximum highway range is 198 miles on a fuel tank capacity of 35 gallons. The crew consists of four, including the driver.This vehicle, like all semitracks, is equipped with a power cable winch having a lifting power of 5,500 pounds. The turning radius measures 35 feet.

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