After being satisfied with the fit of the tracks, I then proceeded with the painting process. I used Model Master Schwarzgrau ’39-’43 Enamel as the base coat.I then applied a light enamel clear gloss coat, I let this dry for two days. As this was drying I painted the interior of the lower hull with RLModel Master ROT M 23 ,and afterwards a light coat of enamel white. I then weathered the area behind the wheel assemby with Mig Brown Wash,and afterwards with Hudson and Allen Red Earth, and then with a light dusting of AIM Products Medium Earth Weathering Pigment.

Now for the weathering of the tracks. I applied a wash of MIG Brown, Let this dry for a day. Then lightly drybrushed them with Testors Silver Enamel. And did a light wash of Vallejo Burnt Siena combined with MIG Pigments Gun Metal.