The side and front plates were test fitted and I noticed some small problems. When attaching the sides, there are eight location points on the side plates but they would not line up so I had to sand the the front two off, in order to set the plates correctly. After the sides went on, I attempted to test fit the front plate and noticed the front section not aligning up. With a littlle pressure it fit nice and snug. I Then sanded the small details off the side plates such as the side skirt attachment points,so that the Zimmerit sheets will have a nice flat fit. As far as the the track fit I had no major issue,only that for me to fit it nice I left the two idler arms unglued,and in the photo you can see a plastic collar that I found in my stash and glued in on the end of the idler arms. This enabled me to make an adjustment for a nice fit of the tracks.