In these final pictures of  my “Weathered White Chariot” I applied the Pigments. I used MIG  Gun Metal (P231),MIG Track Brown (P414),Vallejo Burnt Sienna (73106),AIM Weathering Powders Grimy Black (3102),AIM Weathering Powders Medium Earth (3103),Pro Modeller Rust Weathering Powder (PMP Rust), Pro Modeller Sand Weathering Powder(PMPSand) and Tamiya Weathering Master Set C: Orange Rust,Gunmetal,Silver (TA87085). After the application of these pigments I did some more chipping using Testors Model Master Enamel Schwarzgrau ’39-’43 (2094). Afterwards I applied the Testors Silver Enamel  Paint for the chipping and scratching of the tools. And thus was the last step of “Project Pz III @ Leningrad”.