In these final steps after applying the clear gloss enamel,I started with the washes,I used MIG track brown thinned with water and applied the wash on the tracks,along with the wheel assemblies. Let dry for a day ,for handling purposes,then applied MIG light brown wash on the upper section,specifically along the welds. I also did the chipping with and old brush and applied light pressure randomly. The brush was a small flat brush that I pushed on a hard surface and let it “fan out”,and trim it for the  desired length.I found out when doing the chipping on a  gloss surface it is easy to clean up any mistakes. I then applied the Balkan Cross decals. Let it dry overnight and sprayed flat enamel clear the next day. And again, let it dry overnight,at this point I applied the MIG pigments rust,track brown,gun silver,black, and Hudson and Allen red clay.At the end I did some light drybrushing  with Model Master trim silver enamel. As I look back at the results, I can with all honesty this little kit, was a real treat.