Given the growing resistance of allied tanks to German anti-tank guns, plans were developed to categorically up-gun the entire range of German tanks toward the end of World War II. One possible answer was affixing the Schmalturm of the Panther Ausf. F to the Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf. J chassis. Unfortunately, like so many other late-war German projects, this conversion was impractical. The chassis of the Panzerkampfwagen IV was severely overloaded by the schmalturm. Furthermore, it is doubtful the turret ring of the Panzer IV would have been able to accommodate the turret unless the overhang was widened chassis. This was never a real project. Krupp was asked to evaluate whether it was possible to mount the 7.5 cm KWK L/70 in the Panzer IV and while doing this they also checked if it would be possible to use the Schmalturm.  But the engineers from Krupp rejected this as they were also able to add numbers and came to the conclusion that the turret was much too heavy for the Pz. IV chassis.

From the whole evaluation there was only some kind of mock up with a wooden L/70 KWK barrel mounted in a normal PZ IV turret. Years back CMK came up with their version of this “Fantasy Panzer”. It was the CMK Panzer IV w/ Schmalturn 75 L/70 Panther, (Kit #T35015L) . the hull was Tamiya’s old Panzer IV H. It came with PE parts,included the wire mesh side skirts.

If I remember from reviews was that the Schmallturn was more or less accurate. It was molded with the hatches closed but did come with a turn-aluminum 75mm barrel. The other resin and P-E bits were more than usable, but the short-run injected molded parts (for the wheels and couple of other parts) were terrible. All in all,as far as I can recall everything went together well,but I had some difficulty in installing the skirts,as I remember it was easy to install the top mounts and then go from their. It sure was a challenge.But I was happy when it was finally done. Painting was done with Testors Enamels,Winsor and Newton oils for the wash,and pastel chalks for the dry effects along with Hudson and Allen.