The 3-ton (or medium) Opel Blitz Truck was one of the most successful truck designs to be used by the Germans in WWII. Designed in 1938 by Opel (the German subsidiary of General Motors), it was conventional and robust.The initial Type S model was a 2×4, but a 4×4 version, designated Type A  (Allradentrieb) or All Wheel Drive), was put into production in 1940 as more suitable for military use. The Type A had a reasonable cross-country performance and was designated ’mittlerer (gelandegangiger) Lastkraftwagen’ (medium cross-country truck). It was built in large numbers.One of the variants of the Opel Blitz Type A was the van body (Einheitskofferansbau). It was used for a number of roles including workshop, laundry, laboratory, command van, radio van, cipher office, ambulance and many other purposes. The van body was made of wood and compressed card for ease of production and to save metal. The Radio Truck version was used to house the powerful radio equipment of the Artillery batteries staff, there was enough space inside to conduct all of the staff activities. Italeri has taken their old Opel Blitz truck (a kit that has been around for some years), and re-released it as a field radio truck version. I decided to have a detail interior,so I went ahead and got the Verlinden 1/35 Opel Blitz Radio Truck Interior and Eduard’s detail set. The kit did take some time for me because of the extra details,but I believed it paid of. I left the top of the box,to show the interior. The Kit was painted with Testors enamel and washed with oils,and finished off with Hudson and Allen earth colors and black and brown pastel chalk.