The Entwicklung series, more commonly known as the E- series, was a late-WWII attempt by Germany to produce a standardized series of tank designs. The E-25 designs, in the 25-50 ton weight class, were to replace all Panzer III and Panzer IV designs. This would include medium reconnaissance vehicles, medium Jagdpanzer and heavy Waffentrsger. The proposed E-series of tanks was Germany’s attempt at creating a standardized line of armored fighting vehicles that would incorporate interchangeable parts. There were to be six weight classes, designated E-5, E-10, E-25, E-50, E-75, and E-100. Only the E-100 got off the drawing boards, and even then it only made it so far as a turretless, engineless chassis and suspension. There are rumors that three E-25 hulls were manufactured, but they have never been documented.The E-25 was a turretless design, looking superficially like an overgrown Hetzer tank destroyer. In the 25-ton class, it was designed to replace the Panzer IIIs and IVs in service at the time. It was to have been armed with a 75mm main gun. Trumpeter  provides the traditional vinyl tracks as well as plastic individual items,that I opted for. The individual tracks have knock out marks on each track which thankfully are raised (as opposed to sunken) so clean up will be somewhat time consuming but a lot easier than if they were sunken. The plastic parts are very well done for the most part but lack the some of the finer details you might expect from other manufactures like Tamiya or Dragon.The kit comprises a conventional plastic hull tub with the upper hull fitting on to it. The fit on both these parts is generally good with only small gaps in evidence.The top and rear hull plates have alternative designs to choose from so you can fit either both of these again are a good fit with only a minimum of filling needed. As mentioned there is no real documentation on the kit and many of the details are conceptual but the choice of alternate roof, engine deck and rear deck layouts allows you to virtually build your own configuration and the kit should appear to those wanting something different where you can let your imagination have free rain.It went together very nicely,and was a true joy to build. Overall, this is a good value for money kit with plenty of options and a relatively good recommended retail price. I used Testors Model Master enamels,and weathered it with MiG washes and pigments to finish it off.