This King Tiger kit by Dragon,was in all honesty a breeze to put together and a real joy. Dragon did and excellent job on the zimmerit,and the one piece barrel added class. Also not to forget those cool Magic Tracks.  If any of the latest King Tigers are like this one,put me on the list. I chose to use a scheme base on the Tiger Battalion engaged in the fighting in  the Hungarian region against the Soviets late in the war. I painted the basecoat with Panzer Dunkelgelb 1943 Model Master Enamel. Let dry overnight,then the next day I sprayed the Winter topcoat with Tamiya matte white,let dry for about 15-20 minutes. Then went to sink and got the entire surface wet,then sprinkled Tide dry detergent over it ,being careful not to over do it. Waited 15 -30 seconds and rinsed it off . With the stubborn paint I helped  it along with a large brush. When dry I did the usual weathering with washes and pigments. It was my first Winter White Scheme. I really loved doing it.